Explanations about data privacy / Topfine's data privacy on web

Topfine respects the privacy of each person who visits our website. We want to inform you which information Topfine will collect and how these information will be used. Collection and storage of information will take place according to the regulations of data privacy.

Information about person

When you visit this website there will be no collection of information about your person like name, address, phone number or email unless you provide us these information voluntarily.

Topfine will keep your information in safe custody and take all preventive measures in order to protect your information from loss, misusage or change.

Automatic not personalized datas

In most cases we store datas about you which does not give us any information about your person. Only information about type of your browser, operating system or domain address will be collected. We use cookies on our website. Cookies, are parcels of text sent by a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then sent back unchanged by the client each time it accesses that server. They are used for authenticating, session tracking and maintaining specific information about users such as site preferences. Most of the browsers accept cookies automatically.

If you have any questions or fields Topfine can help you further, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide you with more information.

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