Company Background

Founded in 1979 with 10 workers in a small factory site, Topfine has emerged to be one of the largest plastic injection moulding machine manufacturers in Hong Kong as a result of the speedy development in the past decade. Annual production capacity is up to 1,000 sets of injection moulding machines of various sizes. Beside local and PRC markets, Topfine machines have been being renowned and well reputed in European, Latin America, Africa, Middle-East and SE-Asia countries. Annual sales figures in last decade were 200 million Hong Kong Dollars.

The products line ranges from general purpose to high performance machines. These include machines employing toggle clamping or direct hydraulic clamping, for thermoplastic or thermoset resin, controlled by digital switches or advanced computer controller, or even incorporated with state-of-the-art Digital Closed-Loop Servo Control system. All these provide a complete variety for customers.

Our assembling workshop is equipped with more than 20 sets of advanced CNC machines which are grouped into a highly efficient machining system and some other commensurate facilities.



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