- Injection Moulding Machine
10 - 280 tonne

The Injection Moulding Machine is aimed at the higher technology value market normally dominated by manufacturers from Europe, Japan and North America.
Built on results from Topfine's extensive studies and research, the A-Series is a line of hydraulic driven machines with numerous innovative features.

Proven to be very well received customers of the initial orders, these features include a simple linear servo motor design and a novel locking unit system with enlarged space between tie bars to accommodate larger moulds. For cleanliness, special sealing technology is applied to the critical parts, while the mechanism has been upgraded to minimize lubrication required for the other parts.

The is extremely compact with performance comparable, or even better, to competitive models from other manufacturers around the world, especially in cost effective-ness. Such features include:

  1. Energy efficient.
  2. Reliable.
  3. High cycle to cycle repeat accuracy.
  4. Clean, suitable for producing components for food- and medical-related applications.
  5. Compact, minimum floor space required.
  6. Short set up times.
  7. Safe, comply with mandatory standards.
  8. Price competitive.
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